Jennifer Lawrence Sex tape

Sex tapes of the celebrities are getting viral on the internet and at the same time those are creating a lot of controversies. The latest addition in the list is Jennifer Lawrence. The hacker has posted a video which is very naughty indeed and the Jennifer Lawrence sex tape has already become extremely popular.

In the video she is with a large toy and she is taking care of herself. There is a male who is watching the whole thing. However, the identity of that male is still unknown. There are some of the nude pictures of the celebrity and some of the explicit emails which have been hacked also by the hacker.

The FBI is already investigating about it because recently there are a lot of such cases come up with some of the most famous celebrities and it is creating a lot of controversy. It is already affecting the image of some of the most renowned stars in the industry.

A few days ago Jennifer herself has mocked about the leakage of some of the most private contents of the other celebrities. She has told that it is extremely stupid that such contents of the popular celebrities come in front.

However, the whole thing has become extremely problematic for her now because the same thing has happened with her and she understands very well that with the assistance of the modern technology nothing is impossible.

Because of the easy data sharing in the internet the hackers are easily getting those private contents and they are using them in the internet. However, the whole thing can be extremely embarrassing for the image of these reputed celebrities.

Jennifer Lawrence has already told that she is extremely afraid with the whole thing which has happened with her. She has got huge amount of popularity as the action heroin in some of the most popular movies like ‘The Hunger Games’. Now she is afraid enough about the fact that how it will affect her career and her image towards her numerous fans.

She is extremely disgusted with the whole thing. According to her as she is a celebrity and a popular star there is no right for anyone to leak such contents in the internet. She is not telling it as any scandal. Rather she is depicting it as a sex crime and she is serious enough to take the legal step against the hacker.

Iggy Azalea Sex Tape

The Iggy Azalea Sex Tape has become the eye of the controversy regarding this matter for quite some time now. Iggy Azalea the maker of hit songs such as ‘pussy’, now finds herself in a controversial position, with tapes depicting her showing the stuff mentioned in the title of her hit song. Over the past few months titles such as ‘sex kitten Iggy’ has been bestowed upon this celebrity. She is absolutely in the middle of a media storm owing to this incident.

The Iggy Azalea sex tape has been described as a video, where one gets to see a singer and popster, who shakes her ass and wriggles her waist. She also does a fair amount of twerking. The assets of this beauty from Australia have been put on display through this sex tape.

The different reporters have dug out images of this poster from her school days. She was as described by the press people, a ‘doe eyed pop star’ back then. Her striking wavy blonde hair is the most visible and prominent thing in the picture, which is stark contrast to her recent sex tape.

Soon after high school though, this pop star found her dancing as well as hip hop shoes. She constantly remained in hunt of her big break in the musical industry, music videos depicting her rapping used to be released on YouTube. It was with the release of Pussy that this poster became an overnight success. From a starlet, she became an overnight sensation.

Known for her booty, recently she has even collaborated with JLo in a particular song. Both have flashed ample of their behinds in the video. But Iggy is really in a soup with the release of this sex tape, which is rumored to be shot with an ex-boyfriend.

The Iggy Azalea sex tape is being sent to the giants of the porn industry, Vivid Entertainment, initially the lawyers of the actress had said that the sex tape did not feature the actress, but in the recent times they have failed to stick on to this view point of theirs.

According to the lawyers of the actress the entire sex tape scandal has allegedly created by a former suitor of the singer. The lawyers have accused this ex of the singer to be making efforts and adopting different means to damage the social image of the singer and wish to spoil the career of the pop star entirely out of revenge and jealousy.

The content of the Iggy Azalea sex tape is something which has been the cause of a lot of amount of speculation. The video of the singer shows her and her partner engaging in a variety of sexual activities. The people in the tape were even exchanging the camera between them and getting into different sexual positions. This proves that the sex tape is quite authentic and is not really some kind of publicity stunt done by a celebrity in order to get famous. This sex tape is sure to stay in both news, as well as gossip columns, for a long time to come.